The Wounded Heroes Program of Maine is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer organization established to support our wounded veterans when they return home after being injured in the line of duty.  Once released from service due to injury, they no longer get paid.  Waiting for their disability claim to be processed will take at least a year; the majority of the time, much longer.  During this difficult time of transition, the expenses of daily life can become overwhelming, as they are unable to work and need ongoing medical/mental health care.  Wounded Heroes provides a safety net by paying rent, utilities, phone bills, heating fuel payments and more.  Wounded Heroes also provides benefits guidance and advocacy so that our veterans do not have to navigate the systems on their own.  We are proud to be there for our service members in their time of need.

Foundation History


In 2008, out of sheer frustration and bold determination when things didn’t go right upon my wounded son, Mike’s, return stateside the Wounded Heroes Program of Maine was born.  The information I acquired to resolve the many things that were not working right medically and bureaucratically while Mike was back at Fort Hood after months at Brooke Army Medical Center for urgent care birthed a program to help other returning service members encountering similar issues.  I was a mom in Maine.  My hurting son was in Texas.  As any mother knows, distance knows no boundaries when it comes to helping our children.  Being separated from my son while he was in the condition he was in only motivated me to do what needed to be done and not take no for an answer.  Here we are many years later, growing exponentially every year, having resolved issues for hundreds of returning wounded young men and women; the silver lining.